Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bring on the Rain

The first storm of the season is upon us, and I am excited. I've missed the rain for so long. While I don't appreciate being wet, I do love sitting inside watching the leaves come down, the trees sway (a little, big wind is scary), and the rain drive in from all directions.

I do not, however, enjoy stepping off a curb into a pile of leaves with six inches of water under it so that my entire shoe, half my pant leg, and my foot end up cold and wet for the rest of the afternoon.

Bring on the rain! and the bone-chilling dampness, the grey gloomy wonderfulness, the dark mornings, the everything-is-the-same-color days, and the fat raindrops that splatter up so high they make even more rain.

Can you tell I'm an Oregonian?


Anonymous said...

YAY for rain! it's my favorite!! :D

cm0978 said...

It's especially nice if you have warm fire and a good book to go with that rain watching.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, We love the rain! Remember our "rain walks" and stomping in the puddles?