Monday, November 24, 2008

Doctor #3

I visited the doctor today, my very own personal doctor. I'm not releasing names at this time, nor will I say which department I visited (it's really not important), but she wasn't too bad. We covered my family history, determined I'm genetically screwed when it comes to heart disease and high blood pressure (duh), and I have a fairly significant risk of breast cancer (again, I knew that). However, my blood pressure was excellent. I have to have some blood drawn in the morning for some routine screening, and I will soon make an appointment to visit the glorious OB/GYN department (oh, happy happy joy joy).

Have I mentioned how much I dislike medicine and the industry that it has become? I feel disgusted that people make so much money off of illness and disease. Today's fifteen minute appointment (that I waited forty-five minutes for) would have cost me well over a hundred dollars just for the consultation if I didn't have insurance. Ugh. Just to talk. I can't imagine how much my blood tests are going to cost, both before and after insurance. Double ugh. And my family wonders why I didn't go into medicine... no way.

[Bonus points if you get the Ren & Stimpy quote...]

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MissKris said...

Having had two surgeries this year, I must admit I'm thankful for health insurance. My deductibles were used up before either surgery was performed so the insurance sucked up a combined total of almost $34,000 for both surgeries/hospital stays, anethetists, consultants, etc. etc. etc. We'd be paying them off for the next 40 years, I'm sure, otherwise. I hope all turns out well for you. I'm not a big fan of doctors and all that either but I sure am thankful for the ones I've had for the problems I've had. They've been excellent and I received great care at Providence Hospital, too.