Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hell of Sand

One part science, one part general explosion, and one part 'what the heck.' Hell of Sand is a neat tool/game a friend sent me a while ago. People who visit the site apparently fall into two categories: those who find playing with simple ingredients fascinating, and those who don't understand try, try again.

When you go to "game," you'll see four streams of stuff flowing from the top of the window. They are sand, water, salt, and oil. At the bottom of the screen are different tools or ingredients you can use to create different recipes. Sometimes adding two things together will affect how something else works with it. For example, oil floats on water, but oil sinks in saltwater. Salt and water mix, but salt and oil don't. And we all know what happens when explosives are mixed with fire, right? But try creating a box with explosives inside a box filled with water. It's awesome!

I love science. This little simulation game is so entertaining to a geek like me...

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Chris Snethen said...

This one has yet to get old for me.