Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm too lazy for my blog

Aside from yesterday's shopping trip, my weekend was entirely uneventful. Mostly. I watched seven episodes of Brothers & Sisters that I've missed this season due to show time conflicts. My one-button-record thingy on my computer/TV chose The Unit over the other show, so I didn't get this season of Brothers & Sisters on "tape." Making up for lost time, though, and I have missed the Walker family drama.

Oh, and I took a two-hour nap this afternoon. I don't like naps, and I rarely take them, but I felt icky and was bored with a headache, so I napped. I consider those two hours well spent if I do say so myself.

This evening, Mr. Wonderful took me out to dinner. We didn't go somewhere expensive or fancy, but it was a very nice dinner that I appreciate so much.

In case anyone was wondering, though, tomato sauce is one excellent way to piss off a canker sore. Owwwwwwwwwwww.

Figured I'd at least take the time to blog tonight, since I've obviously been too lazy today to even get dressed (except when we went to dinner--I did change out of pajamas for that). It's kind of nice to have one of those lazy weekends every once in a while. Makes me actually want to go to work tomorrow and accomplish something. Right after I get to sleep in...

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It's okay to be a little lazy. Yes, I actually did read your article I'm not a comment bot.

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