Sunday, November 02, 2008

Lazarus, I hope not

I've been an ER fan since grade school. The show has been there from my early days all the way through college and beyond, and I have laughed and cried with Dr. Ross, Dr. Carter, and Nurse Sam for nearly fifteen years. One of the best episodes ever (and saddest) was when Dr. Greene passed away on his own beach in Hawaii. Dr. Greene was a long-standing character, a higher-ranking doctor in the ER, and he was well-liked. To watch his two-season battle with brain cancer and then his death was incredibly emotional for many, many fans of the show. His passing meant fans everywhere lost a friend.

Today, I watched the most recent episode of the show. At the end, I made sure to watch the previews for the next few episodes, and guess what! They're bringing Dr. Greene back. I don't know how, but apparently because the show is in its final season, it's now suddenly okay to resurrect dead characters. Even if he comes back as a ghost, I'm going to be somewhat disappointed in the show's writers for a Lazarus ending. It cheapens Dr. Greene's character, his death, and the rest of the writing. He's dead. Leave him in the ground.

Now if they brought Dr. Ross back... (that's George Clooney in case you don't follow ER) I think I could watch that over and over and over and over. ;)

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