Monday, November 17, 2008

Mt. Angel Abbey

Last Friday, Mr. Wonderful and I visited the Mt. Angel Abbey. We toured the bookstore, the museum, and the library before joining the monks for their midday prayer at noon. I took a couple pictures, learned a lot, and we both had a good time. More pictures to come... when I can get them ready.

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Strayer said...

The head monk there was indicted, might have been after his death, for child molestation charges. I met him once. A retired army colonel I used to hang out with, a cat trapper too, got the abbeys colony fixed. The former head monk guy, whatever they are called, was a big cat lover. I asked Colonel Vince about the charges against him, when I heard about it on the news, when we were driving up there. Colonel Vince just shrugged, and we continued trapping cats. There wasn't much else to say.