Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ode to an Oreo

Last night, in what I will refer to as a "momentary selfish craze," I made an impulse purchase. I bought double-stuffed mint Oreos. They are a treat since I don't buy good (or even name brand) cookies very often. And you know what else? I didn't open them right away. I just left them sitting on my counter when I got home. They didn't tempt me or cause me any grief. They waited all night.

I awoke this morning to find an unopened package of minty-chocolately wonderfulness still sitting there unopened. The package yielded when I applied sharp scissors and hacked away at the outer wrapping. Minty goodness trailed up to my nose, a smell of which I never tire. The cookies left their dark cookie crumbles on my counter as I gingerly dropped them into my lunch container. I shut the lid with a sigh and went on with my morning as if nothing had happened.

What was the fate of those four little cookies? Let's just say they were "savored quickly" at lunch. Savored quickly indeed.

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