Saturday, November 22, 2008


I've been looking for new pajamas lately, and the selection out there pretty much sucks. You heard me, sucks. As a 20-something, I want to wear comfortable, functional pajamas. Sure, little black lacy numbers are all fine and good, but I'm not exactly on the market for that type of thing. Not to mention those lacy things have too many strings for me, don't fit right, and aren't comfortable in the least. I also don't want to wear anything bright pink, lime green, or hospital white (because, seriously, those are not my colors). Most stores cater to the younger crowd, the sleep-overs-and-late-night-gossiping crowd. I don't want cartoons on my pajamas. I also don't want to wear those masculine button-down shirt/pants sets that make every woman look like her father. And then I had to wade through racks upon racks of nightgowns sewed circa 1890. When did seersucker fabric come back in style, and how quickly can it disappear?! Oh. My. GOSH. Between the fifteen-year-olds text-messaging while shopping and the little old ladies pushing their walkers and carts in my way for two days now, I became incredibly frustrated. How hard is a little cotton long-ish T-shirt-like sleep-shirt without ugly colors or patterns to find? Impossible.

After trying Sears, Target, Fred Meyer, K-Mart, Ross (x2), and JC Penney, I finally found cute pajamas at Gottschalks. On sale. I got a long-sleeved shirt, matching pair of pants, and matching shorts all as one set for under $20. They're age appropriate, fit well, are both summer and winter acceptable, and aren't made of chenille, crushed velvet, or eighteen types of microsuede fleece. Plain ol' cotton. Hallelujah!

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Anonymous said...

next time, try old navy. ;)