Sunday, November 09, 2008


I think I get this from my father. Mom's no slacker when it comes to being informed, and she definitely does her research. But Dad goes and goes and goes on something until it's worn out or he gets tired of it.

I'm a researcher. I like to know stuff. Doesn't matter if I'm researching how beads are made or how much a new TV should cost, I want to know what I'm buying or doing so that I can do it most efficiently. As I look toward the future, I'm gaining "intel" from my friends regarding the apparently daunting search for a house. I read up on technology for work in order to keep things moving smoothly and economically. And sometimes I like to know crazy stuff that doesn't mean anything other than to know it (like the fact that Oregon's state dance is the square dance (just like more than half of the other states)(I think it should be Lindy or foxtrot myself.))

The research I do doesn't even have to be for me. I like looking up information for other people to help them know stuff, too. I've helped my boyfriend do research for his grad school coursework. I helped my sister research the Statue of Liberty so that we could correctly drape a sheet over her accurately for a recent dance (she went as Lady Liberty for the "L-theme" we had).

And even more than that, I've been researching religion for eleven months. I started off not knowing anything, and now I'm able to pick out tiny biases and see where a person stands in relation to what they're writing. I know if a website is pro- or anti-Catholic even though they offer generic "Christian" information (because Catholics are Christian, but I'm still holding out on Mormons not being quite with it).

I'm a researcher. I like to know stuff.


Anonymous said...

Mormons are Christians too.

Anonymous said...

As Mormons reject the Trinity and don't accept sola scriptura nor Sacred Tradition, they cannot be Christians. Mormons are about as "Christian" as Jews and Muslims (and that should never be taken as an insult to any faith): we all believe in the same god/Allah, but we get there different ways with very different subsets of tradition.

I can't apologize if you don't like it: Mormons aren't Christians.