Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thankful for what, exactly?

You know those sappy blog posts where someone lists every last thing they're thankful for? They always list family, friends, a good job, and some possessions that they really don't need. While I am thankful for all the usual stuff, I don't really feel the need to write out a long and elaborate list for you. The people in my life should already know how thankful I am that they're in my life, so there is no need for a post. And yeah, having stuff is great. I like having my own apartment, and I like having a clean, warm bed each night. I love my lifestyle, my comfort level, and my (limited) wealth. I know any of those could change at any moment--I am thankful for them--but I also know how little I need any of those. They're great while I have them. What does that leave, then? What else is there to be thankful for? What else means enough to me to mention here?

I'm thankful for:

-opportunity: that I am blessed with the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed. So many people do not have as many or any opportunities like I've received and will see in my life.

-moments: like the first words I heard when I woke up this morning, "Happy Thanksgiving, you're what I'm thankful for. I love you." Or when I called my Grandmother this evening to wish her a happy day, and she told me I was the only person to call her or talk to her all day from our whole extended family (and she has four kids who are married, nine grandchildren who are mostly married, and over a dozen great-grandchildren--that's a lot of people who forgot her). I'm glad I was able to make her smile a little bit.

-the little things: that my headache finally went away today, that I actually might not be bored if I'm home alone for the next two days, and that I remembered to write a blog post today (seriously, I totally almost spaced this).

-character: I like to think I have a good character, but I'm still growing up. I'm thankful that I have the kind of character that allows me to look at my flaws, find room for improvement, and actively seek to better myself.

It seems like such a short list, especially considering how much I really do have to be thankful for, but I don't want to write a standard post. I will say that I'm always thankful for blog comments. But that's shameless promotion. Guess it's a good thing I have no shame... :)


MissKris said...

A great list, Jaggy. Reading about your Grandma reminded me of a lovely woman I was a companion to back in the early 90s. She was 96 years old when I first met her, still living independently. She told me the hardest things about growing so old were losing all of her contemporaries from her generation and also how the family 'forgot' her at times, too. It was THEIR loss, I'm telling you! I LOVED my time with her 3 days a week! Her mind was still crystal clear and it was like being with a living history book. She graduated from high school the year the Titanic sunk. She taught school in a one-room school house. Lived thru two world wars, the Great Depression, and could even remember when the 1900's rung in! I loved sitting down with her and going thru all of her photo albums. We might've had 53 years between us, but we were kindred spirits and I grew to love her like a Grandma for myself, since I never knew mine.

cm0978 said...

I watched the news the other night, and the reporter was asking The Man on the Street what they were thankful for. Everyone said "my family." I wished they would come up with something more interesting! Is no one out there who will admit to being thankful for chocolate??

BTW, thanks for sharing Mr. Wonderful. I will admit to missing him some, but know that he's an ADULT now (when did that happen and why doesn't his face look like an adult's? :) ) He's been busy studying a lot.

Jaggy said...

I'm glad he was able to visit even if he's busybusybusy. He should be much less busy during the next break, but he did promise to cook for me every night... if/when he's in town.

Seems like the only time I get to see him is when I'm cooking for him. If that's all I have to do to keep him around, I guess I don't have it so bad.

And yeah, about that "not looking like an adult" bit... I keep telling him that all of his wrinkles (after he's 90) will be from smiling.