Sunday, November 16, 2008

An Un-Lazy Sunday

After last night's pizza revenge, I am taking it easy and feeling better today. I had plain waffles for breakfast (oh, how I miss peanut butter!) and mashed potatoes for lunch. Yogurt is my next step, followed by something squishy and easy-to-digest for dinner. At least I'm a pro at making soft food after five years of braces (and most of them are my favorites anyway).

I went to Albany to fix Mom's computer today. She's had problems with it for quite some time, so I uninstalled some crappy programs and installed some newer, better, free ones (because free isn't necessarily bad in the world of anti-virus and anti-adware programs). Mom and I had a good, long chat while we waited for some scans to run. We also played some games online while we waited.

After that, I drove into Lebanon to get gas ($2.11 at the Southgate Chevron!) and to see Grandma. I haven't seen her since her 90th birthday in September, so I was feeling pretty bad about not going over there. We had a wonderful talk. She's looking good, and she was in good spirits, so I guess all must be well.

The Boy is coming over soon for a haircut and dinner, so I should get stuff ready. Maybe I can convince him to make me dinner... hmm.


Anonymous said...

Yay for cheap gas...

Double YAY for Grandma! :D

Jeff W said...

No peanut butter? That makes me sad.