Saturday, December 27, 2008

Car Charts

My parents take excellent care of their vehicles. That careful and diligent attitude was passed along with permission to drive their car. "My" vehicle (it really belongs to them still, but we call it "mine" just for clarification) is approximately thirteen years old, and we have owned it for all thirteen years. Between my parents and me, we can account for every quart of oil, every tire rotation, and every gallon of gas that car has seen. I can tell you which gas station I filled my tank at when the car turned 175000 miles. I can show you graphs and charts of my gas mileage, the gas prices over time, and how many miles/tank I get on average. This kind of detail might seem a bit overkill to most people, but it's pretty cool to know. Furthermore, when my parents try to sell or trade in the car, the potential owner will know that my parents do take very good care of their vehicles. Of course, the potential owner could also look inside at the near showroom perfect interiors, the spotless cracks and crevasses outside the car, or the unblemished paint on the hood. Okay, okay, a thirteen-year-old car has a few nicks, but still, my car looks pretty damn good for its age and mileage!

Last night, I wrapped up my charting for 2008. I was surprised and rather pleased when I saw the trend for gas prices over the year:
This isn't some super-awesome graphic, nor is it particularly useful now other than to look at. I do, however, find the trend interesting. I'll let you postulate why the trend was so high in the summer and dropped so sharply in October and November. Whatever the reason, the lower prices make my pocketbook feel that much better.

I could post more of these simple little graphs, but none of the are any more interesting. It's a bunch of good information to have, though, so I keep plugging along hoping that my car will make it another year in tip-top condition.

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