Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Cleaning Whirlwind

I am so productive when I set my mind to it! On this Saturday, I have:

-made breakfast (more than just cold cereal)
-dressed and put on make-up (who does that on the weekends, really?)
-went to Staples to pick up ink so I can print our family calendars
-went to the Dollar Store to get cheap cleaning supplies
-came home, unpacked, visited with The Boy for a few minutes before he went to study
-had lunch
-started printing calendars (and continued to print them long into the night)
-wiped down all windows and bleached the windowsills as black gunk was starting to grow
-dusted bedroom and living room (even lifted stuff up instead of just going around it)
-changed my bedsheets
-cleaned the bathroom top to bottom
-cleaned the kitchen (except mopping... I was worn out)
-wiped down my lampshades, desk chair, and other things I don't normally dust
-went to Michael's for more melting candy
-stopped at Arby's for a snack
-sat down for a nanosecond to eat and unpack again
-molded two trays of candy for an upcoming Christmas party at work (more to do still)
-emptied my fridge of food I know I'll never eat (like that two-week-old jar of sauce)
-went to Ross and bought a new belt
-went to WinCo to get food for dinner/breakfast and the rest of my week
-made dinner
-blogged, including writing tomorrow's post already

I think it's safe to say I'm going to sleep well tonight. PHEW!

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