Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Crackling Christmas Tree

In our office at work, we have a small, fake Christmas tree. It stands about four feet tall and is adorned with little red ornaments and red fake flowers. When we plug in the tree, it lights up with tiny white lights, and it adds a little festive element to the room.

However, on Monday we noticed that after we plugged in the tree, it started making a popping or crackling noise every once in a while. There was no smoke, nor could we smell anything burning, so we just left it for a while and kept an eye on it. After another hour or two of freakish snapping and popping, we opted to be safe and at least unplug the tree. The noises didn't stop. They continued all day. Even on Tuesday, we'd hear the occasional crack or snap, sometimes two at once, but still just as frequent as when it was plugged in. Today, Wednesday, I heard the same noises.

What could it be? We've all hypothesized different things:
-a draft causing two ornaments to click together (too random, and we can't find the draft)
-static electricity (not affecting anything else in here though)
-man-eating squirrels (guess who suggested that one!)
-ghosts or angels (seems unlikely)
-possession (can a tree become possessed?)

As you can see, our ideas have not been productive, nor have we found a solution. We're afraid to plug in the tree and cause more crackling, and we're pretty sure the man-eating squirrels wouldn't be pleased if we moved the tree again. Okay, so I'm stuck on the squirrel idea, but seriously, if your tree started making noises all by itself, what would you think!?


cm0978 said...

I think squirrels are too large of an animal to blame (you SHOULD be able to see them if that is what is causing the noise). So you either have a ghost squirrel ( a member of the un-dead) or an insect with mandibles of death that are clicking. I have been around The Boy too long -- he will probably like either of these ideas.

Eva said...

haha, i just stumbled across this posting while researching why I'm hearing crackling sounds from my Christmas tree! It's the strangest thing!

Unknown said...

Hi this 2017 and we just purchased a 7 ft pencil tree with a wooden trunk and it’s making strange creaking noises. It is very freaky. I also thought it was the lighting but we unplugged it and it’s the actual fake tree. We have no ideas? Very weird.

Anonymous said...

I think we have the same pencil tree. Yes, popping, crackling noises coming from the tree and it is not plugged in. Trunk? Glue spots where the branches are affixed to the trunk? Don't know. Very weird.