Friday, December 26, 2008

Crock On!

My big gift this year was a crock pot from my parents. Now I can let soup or stew sit more or less unattended while I go about my blogging! The good news is that I'm stoked to use it, but the bad news is that I'm not sure what to cook first. Okay, I'm not really sure what to cook at all. I've adapted most of my recipes for the stove top, so I don't even know how to go about this.

Question time! And I would really appreciate some help on this one:

What are your family slow-cooker or crock pot recipes that you find delicious?

I'm willing to try something new as long as there is no fruit, NO curry, and no beans involved. Also not a fan of BBQ flavors, mushrooms, or anything requiring lots of flavors mixed together. Examples of slow-cooked foods I do enjoy include clear-broth soups, beef stew, beef or pork roast (sometimes), lemon-pepper or balsamic chicken, just about anything with potatoes and sausage, and the occasional venison. I love fish, shrimp, and crawdads (if I know where they were caught and how they were cleaned), so I'm thinking a crawdad bake is in the works...

I need help finding these recipes, so anything you suggest might end up on the table (especially if it involves pasta and tomato or alfredo sauce--The Boy and I could live on pasta!).

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Jen said...

I have a crock pot cookbook at home if you would like to borrow it. I don't think we have ever used it, but I'm sure there are good recipes in it.