Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dancing Sunset

I've been dancing almost three years now, and I've had a lot of fun. I've met great people, made some friends that I hang out with outside the ballroom, and I even started dating a wonderful guy who dances. But lately, I haven't been going to the dances. They aren't fun, nor are they even energizing at this point. I leave early when I do go, or else wish I was not there. Many reasons have contributed to my lack of enthusiasm:

1. The music has not been good. It's either inappropriate for dancing or is inappropriate for the crowd (and coming from me--someone who doesn't care very much about music--that says something). I understand wanting to try new music or stretch the inventory of songs, but perhaps there should be a committee for the playlists instead of leaving it up to one person.

2. The maturity level of the officers and their dance knowledge (and ability to convey it) has me scared for the future of our ballroom community. I've helped to teach lessons before and studied education in college as part of my degree, so I feel I have the appropriate background to criticize poor teaching. While I realize it's easier to teach beginning lessons every week, it would be nice if they offered free intermediate or advanced lessons for those of us already in the community. We could use some fresh steps or new ideas to keep our dancing interesting.

3. The cost of dancing isn't insignificant. Between shoes, entrance fees, the occasional costume, and traveling costs, dancing is not a cheap hobby. Even though I only have to drive three miles for the free Wednesday practice dances, it's still costing me money that I could be using for food or other hobbies. And I can't believe I'm going to complain about the time, but I just don't have the energy after working an eight-hour day to dance until 10pm. That's late for me. The $5 weekend dances go even longer and later... no way.

I know they sound like trivial matters to someone who isn't a dancer, or maybe even to those who are dancers. These are just the big reasons why I haven't been going. I love dancing, but it's not my entire life. I have other hobbies and interests, and maybe now is a time for me to pursue something else. I don't know. I do know that my attendance at any upcoming events (whether they be ballroom, swing, or otherwise) isn't likely. It's nothing personal... don't be offended or think you're the reason I'm not going. I simply don't want to go right now. My major reasons are above. So please stop harassing me or begging me to go.

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chris farrell said...

try doing karate. It's free and there's no music to complain about.