Monday, December 08, 2008

Get Those Lights On!

I went to Albany yesterday afternoon to drop off some stuff at my parents' house. To get there, I had to take a couple different highways and chose to take a few backroads as well. The day wasn't particularly foggy, nor was it a story or dark day. As I was headed north on Columbus from Highway 34, though, I realized that I didn't see an oncoming car almost until we passed each other. The car wasn't any special color, just a silvery-tan like any other four-door sedan might be. My vision is fine, corrected with contacts and quite perfect for any standard situations. After a self-status-check and a car-status-check, I realized why I didn't see the car: its lights were not on. Even in the middle of the afternoon, the car blended right in with the road and the sky.

I'm fairly young, a twenty-something with an excellent driving history and no health problems. My reflexes are entirely intact. I, too, drive one of those mid-sized four-door cars, so I don't stand out much. Believe me, when I realized how hard it was for me to see the other car, I made sure my lights were on (and they were already, FYI). But knowing that not every driver out there has my physical or mental faculties scares me.

New drivers, older drivers, distracted drivers, and even your average-having-a-bad-day drivers might not see you right now unless your lights are on even at 2:00pm. It's Oregon. It's rainy, foggy, cold, possibly slick, and definitely not as bright outside. PLEASE do yourself and me a HUGE favor: turn your lights on when you're driving. It really don't cost that much, and any life saved is worth it.

As a side note: if you see someone with their lights off, flick yours on and off once or twice quickly (DO NOT use your high beams!) at them. It should signal them to turn their lights on. They'll probably ignore you, but at least you tried.

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Jen said...

I really like those nice dark gray, kinda black, but more foggy cars that are the exact same color as the road.