Friday, December 05, 2008

How Clean is Your House?

Mom of Three got me started on the show when I read about it on her blog. Now I'm transfixed. The BBC television show How Clean is Your House? reveals the slobs of Great Britain and the United States. The two hosts are comical, sharp, full of great cleaning tips, and are wizards with grime. I'm stunned every time I start a new episode and see just how filthy some people live.

A couple nights ago, I was watching an episode where Aggie (a host) took a swabbing of the countertop and had it tested at a lab. The results were horrifying. I immediately paused my show, got up and went into my kitchen, took everything off the counters, and cleaned the shit out of it. Of course, I'd just wiped it up with a clean rag a few hours before, but since I hadn't used anything but hot water, I knew that bacteria were growing somewhere. I picked up my toaster oven and scrubbed it off. I wiped out my microwave again. Soon, I'll get to the floors, but I just did those last weekend anyway...

My once-every-two-weeks shower cleaning routine just doubled to once-per-week-without-fail. I'll be wiping down my bathroom counter more often. Oh, and that little sponge I had by my sink? No more. I use clean dish rags every time I do any cleaning up. Sure, I could dust more, but how much is too much?

If ever there was a show to inspire OCD tendencies, this show is it. But it's so fun to watch the transformations of the disgusting houses... wow. From "eek" to "whoa!"

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