Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lyrics Without Song

I'm digging deep in the archives lately to pull out posts since I'm too lazy to write anything original. Have no fear, though, as today's rant is just as current and thriving as it was when I wrote it waaaay back in 2006. (Yeah, I can't believe I've been blogging that long either.)

You ever read someone's blog and all they have posted for the day is a song lyric? Drives me nuts. Like I'm supposed to magically decipher exactly what the songwriter had in mind, let alone understand how that's making the blog's author feel at any given moment? When the poster writes, "I'm too depressed to write, so here is a song that's speaking volumes to me at the moment..." and then proceeds to post snippets of a song instead of the whole thing, I just give up. I don't care what the song lyrics say. I want to hear what you have to say. It's called a "blog," not a "copy-paste-lyrics-'cuz-you're-lazy." If your words are exactly the same, then write them, but put the lyrics down as your own words in complete, explained sentences. If you can't write coherently, don't post.

Copying lyrics doesn't take thought. It can be done by a monkey! (slight exaggeration, but seriously, copy/paste could technically be done by robots or a monkey)

When I see lyrics, I usually jump to another webpage as quickly as possible. There's no reason for me to keep reading. The words aren't yours. They aren't about you. I don't want to read something on your blog that I can find on dozens of other websites. How would you feel if I left you hanging with some obscure, completely unexplained song lyric that meant nothing to you?

Oh, wait, that's the perfect end to this rant! or not...


Eric said...

What about poetry?

Jaggy said...

Nobody likes to read someone else's blog poetry, but I prefer that a person write original poetry to posting song lyrics. At least the words are specific and meaningful to the individual and aren't simply copied.

Sometimes I'll read poetry, and sometimes I won't. I generally don't give it the quick close like I would lyrics though.

cm0978 said...

Speaking of poetry, any background you want to share about the Dec 10 poem? Or do you prefer to leave it to the reader to compare it with his own past experiences?

Jaggy said...

No background necessarily, although it falls under the "not being able to say what I want in prose, so I'm rebelling by poetically ranting my frustration" thing that we talked about last weekend.

I'm going to leave it to the reader to see if it speaks to him/her. If so, cool. If not, that's fine. The poem had a targeted audience who I'm sure missed the boat entirely.

Like usual.

But that's okay. It kind of fits with the poem anyway.