Sunday, December 07, 2008

Random Questions XIII

A Couple Questionnaire (or 'all the things you never needed to know about my relationship')

1: What are your middle​ names​?​
The Boy and Jaggy do not have middle names. Our first names are fancy enough to not require such nonsense. He might argue his is "awesomeness" though.

2: How long have you been together?​
almost seven months (and we still haven't fought!)

3: Do you have any children together?​
none that I know of... considering the whole "only dating him seven months" bit. I'd be rather surprised to find out I have had one of his children. But I'm definitely not opposed to having his children. Just not this week.

4: What about​ pets?​
None together, none apart. We have pet-free apartments, so none now. I don't like pets indoors anyway.

5: Did you go to the same school?​
No to early education, but yes to college.

6: Are you from the same hometown?​

7: Do you live in the same town now?
Yes, but we're in different zip codes

8: Who is the smart​est?​
Totally depends. He is constantly surprising me with his brilliance, and then there are moments when I'm astounded that I know something he doesn't. He's great with math and figuring stuff out. I'm a whiz at sounding intelligent without having a clue what I'm talking about. In the end, I think we're fairly equal.

9: Who is the most sensitive?​
Good question. His ego is impervious, but I know what grates at him. I'm probably more sensitive, but I'll dig in harder and fight back more. I'll say me.

10: Where​ is the first​ place​ you went to eat as a couple?​
Oh dear, other than my apartment or his, I have no idea. Our first "official" date was to Strega, but we'd been dating a few weeks before that happened.

11: Do you wear matching cloth​es?​
I guess it's possible if we both wear jeans and black jackets. We don't intentionally wear the same thing though. It just happens that we like the same style and type of wonderfully comfortable clothing.

12: Where​ is the furthest​ you have traveled as a couple?​
Eugene, I think. Maybe Woodburn or the coast. Those are all an hour from here, so it's close. We'll be going to Redmond soon, and up to Portland after that. We have been too busy and too poor to get out and really travel much.

13: Who has the craziest ex[​es]​?​
Neither of us have crazy exes. I have more, but they're not crazy.

14: Who has the worst​ temper?​
We don't have tempers! I get frustrated, but I don't explode or anything, and I have only seen him get a bit fed up with stuff a few times. Nothing major. We both have ways of dealing with things, and we've never really fought. It's great!

15: Who does the cooking?​
MMMEEEEEE. Sometimes him, mostly me.

16: ​Who'​s more social?​
HIM. I probably talk to people more, but he is more outgoing.

17: Who is the neat freak​?​
Oooh, a tough one. We're both neat and tidy people, but I think I'm a bit more obsessed with the germ killing (see yesterday's post).

18: Who is the most affectionate?​
Him, mostly. I have moments, but I'm going with him.

19: Who is the most stubborn?​
I am. He can be thickheaded when he wants to be, but he's no match for my stubbornness. Not a chance.

20: Who hogs the bed?
Oh dear. I can't answer this one!

21: Who wakes​ up earlier?​
I do since I have to be at work at 8:00am. He has to be up for class at NOON.

22: Where​ was your first​ date?​
Strega, then home for Lego-building and a movie (it was perfectly sweet)

23: Who said "I Love You" first​?​
He did by about five seconds, and I would have said it faster but he kissed me so I couldn't get the words out. Silly boy!

24: How did you spend​ your 1st year anniversary?​
That hasn't happened yet, so I can't answer it.

25:​ ​Who has the bigger family?​
We both come from a family of four. Our extended families are pretty large though. Person-for-person, probably his, but not by much.

26: ​Who is young​er?​
I am. By about two and a half months, la-de-dah!

27: Who is the life of the party​?​
He is. I'm usually the death of every party, no kidding.

28:​ ​Who do you hope your kids turn out more like?​
Oh my, I have no idea. I hope our kids turn out like responsible, funny, smart people. I don't care if they're more like him or me, and I don't really care if they get his eyes or mine, his charm or my abrasiveness... I pray that my children are healthy. Everything else is frosting (which is so much better than icing by the way)

29:​ ​Who wears​ the pants​ in the family?​
I love this question! Neither of us wear the pants, or both of us wear the pants. We don't answer to each other, but we do consult the other. We trust each other, know the other's strengths, and rely on the other person to make a decision or ask for help. We love to do stuff together, so we're constantly helping. It's not about wearing the pants to us.

30: What's your favorite thing to do together?
Everything. We like shopping together, cooking together, watching movies and reading even. I can't think of a single thing (within reason and common sense) that I'd rather do alone than do with him.

31: Do you have the same political views?
Somewhat. He's a fairly right-end conservative, and I generally tend to be a shade or two more liberal. That makes me a slightly liberal conservative (contrary to how everyone perceives me, that's the truth). I see both sides of most subjects and am more moderate in my views, but I know where he's coming from. Regardless of any views, we respect each other for the views we do have even if we don't share them.

32: What about religious views?
He was raised Catholic, and I was raised Protestant. I attend his church willingly, appreciate most Catholic views, and would consider converting. In the end, even if I don't become Catholic, I know he respects me for my beliefs, and I respect his. Just because we disagree about the Pope (example!) doesn't mean we don't value each other or want to walk away from the other person.

33: Who has the most stuff?
Oy, probably me. I'm pretty well stocked.

34: Who controls the remote?
Totally depends. Generally him at his place, me at mine.

35: Who does the driving?
I think I do, but my car is a bit more reliable. If we have to go somewhere out of town, the person who needs/wants to go usually does the driving.

36: Who takes out the garbage?
Um, we both do at our own places. He has taken mine out a few times though.

37: Who does the cleaning?
We are both fully capable of cleaning, but I tend to do all of mine and some of his because I'm a super-nice girlfriend who enjoys cleaning.

38: Who does the laundry?
We both do our own laundry. He hates folding it, so sometimes I help with that.

39: Who is the funniest?
I wish I could say me, but I honestly can't tell. I think we're both funny.

40: Do you think you will get married?
A girl can dream, right?

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