Monday, December 22, 2008

Sorry for the total lack of updates this month...

I know I haven't written here in a while, but don't worry yet! New posts are coming. I really am working on some stuff (in my head) and need to find the time to squish all the words out. I am still trying to stumble my way through the Catechism. I'm reading when I can, but between work and a social life it's hard to find free time.

What's in the works?
-a year retrospective on my journey into formal religion
-a piece about the history of Christmas
-a serious rant about what I'm sick and tired of when it comes to Christianity at large
-answers to questions you submit! If you have a question about religion, faith, or about me and what I believe (specifically), ask! If I don't want to answer, I won't, but seeing how little I've updated lately, I could use some help coming up with topics. What do you want to know?

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