Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Subway Meat

Dear Subway Sandwich Artists:
My sandwich is not a piece of art. Why do you insist on decorating the bread with your too-many pieces of lunch meat? Why can't you simply lay the meat flat instead of carefully folding each piece into a meat wave of unevenness? Would alternating the cheese triangles be too complicated for you, or do you need to go back to 1st grade geometry? And how about that lettuce, huh? Can you get it in a nice even line, not clumped up at the ends like you usually do? It's not hard! I know you're all capable...

I'm tired of having to open up my sandwich and rearrange my flavors for even cross-sections every time I buy one. Nevermind that I pay over $6 for one of your delicious sammies: I should get the food the way I want it. Even though I complain about your stupid meat wave tactics when I go, the complaints fall on deaf ears. I am disappointed, Subway Sandwich Artists. You have failed me.

The pickest Subway customer ever.

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