Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Un-Crazy Weather

It's cold outside, and I'm eating fresh homemade cookies. Mr. Wonderful and I went up to his parents' house today and helped his mom make cookies. By "help" I mean that he sifted flour and I took pictures. I think she was ready to fire us. :)

With a winter "storm" blowing in, I'm laughing at the news a bit. Each station seems to have sent out half a dozen "on scene" reporters that inform the viewers about the current conditions. They all sound the same: "The pavement is wet, but it's getting cold enough that things might freeze. If the rain keeps falling, it might turn to sleet or snow. By morning, we might have an inch of snow!" Oh dear, a whole inch? From rain that froze and turned to snow (that's how that happens... who knew)? I'm just amazed at how funny the "storm trackers" are in the Willamette Valley. It's December. It's winter. The likelihood of a bit of snow or ice doesn't exactly surprise me.

Now if it was a heat wave and they were cracking eggs on pavement to make omelets in December in Oregon, I might be tuning in a bit more. That would be crazy weather!

In all seriousness, accidents happen with or without snow. If you do happen to venture out in the next few days, please be safe. No sense ignoring safety even if you ignore the crazy weather people on TV.

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Anonymous said...

I wish we were having less crazy weather over in Montana. All I am currently hearing is "worse weather in a decade.... -50 with the wind chill...."