Friday, January 02, 2009

Alone and Loving It

Sometimes I just need to be alone. One of the reasons I have my apartment with no roommate is the wonderful solitude that arrangement allows. Don't get me wrong, I love my family and friends. I'm not saying I don't want to spend time with them ever. I'll be seeing family tomorrow, and I have spent so much wonderful time with The Boy over his winter break. I survived Emily's wedding event, several Christmas celebrations, some crazy shopping, and more people than I can handle. Tonight, it's Jaggy, party of one.

Big plans? Some TV, some reading, definitely some blogging, a little crafting, and maybe some cooking. I don't have to do any cleaning, thankfully, so my time is completely dedicated to me for the next twenty-four hours. *huge sigh*

Today is a day for contemplation, reflection, and remembering. I'm alone and truly loving it.


MissKris said...

It seems like every time I plan a quiet day to myself it ends up being anything but. Today I had a day off from caring for my grandsons, only to have Dear Hubby hurt his back at work and needing to go to the doctor. He'll be home 'til at least Tuesday. And our daughter went to the doctor today, too, diagnosed with asthmatic bronchitis and a bad ear infection. So...I've been playing nursemaid all day. But that's ok...the way Dear Hubby took care of me so well thru my two surgeries this past year, it's about time I can return the favor!

Anonymous said...

dinner for tonight?

macaroni and cheese + applesauce
something german...

remembering indeed!

chris farrell said...

Pretty much all my days involve me being alone for most of the day, but then, I see that as being normal. If I have trouble justifying it, ....I usually figure it out anyway.