Tuesday, January 13, 2009


In my experience, it's something people find easy to say but difficult to mean. There are a few souls who have mastered contrition, and they find ways of expressing remorse without using the evil words, "I'm sorry." I have stopped listening when someone says these words, however, as most of the time they mean nothing. "I'm sorry" is too easy to say, too quick and short to contain a real apology. It's not that I won't accept an apology--I will--but I'd rather wait for an apology and hope that the person is sincere about it two years later than rash and not sorry now.

If I'm apologizing to you for something, rest assured that my words will be measured carefully. "I'm sorry" will probably not be something I spit out. Likewise, I'd appreciate the same, but as I know that not everyone is just like me (and I respect that), I'll hope for the best apology you can muster if the need arises.

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cm0978 said...

I thought about sending a whole bunch of little comments, each beginning "I'm sorry", but thought that might not come across as I wanted (just in the spirit of play).