Monday, January 05, 2009

Back to the Grind

After having ten of the last twelve days off from work, today's eight hours just about did me in. I have relished the time off, though, and took every advantage of staying up late and sleeping in. I was able to spend many of those days off with Mr. Wonderful. He promised to cook for me over his winter break, so I rarely had to do any kitchen work. That was a blessing and a huge vacation for me. I did miss cooking a little bit though. Still don't miss doing dishes, ugh. When I wasn't eating delicious pasta and soup, I was busy playing video games or learning more and more about the man I'm so crazy for. We keep growing closer to each other and to the other's family and friends.

I learned a couple lessons over the last two weeks that I'd like to share:
-The phrase "silence is golden" is oh SO very true.
-Facebook is not the end-all to my life, and not looking at it every day was quite nice.
-Though wearing a big, stiff dress can be fun, I love my blue jeans.
-10am is the perfect sleeping-way-late time to get up.
-I'm not a good driver (that one's for The Boy).
-I do not enjoy driving on ice.
-I do, in fact, have emotions and am fully capable of utilizing them if I wish. I just doesn't share them very often.
-I miss being on vacation already!

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