Thursday, January 29, 2009

Check Please

Forget statements like "youth these days," it's the older people I'm worried about.  So many times I hear older people claim that kids now aren't learning anything in school.  They say children aren't being taught how to read or write, but that they're taught video games and movies all day long.  I'd be right there with them if it wasn't for the things I've noticed lately.  Some people (read: older adults) have no idea how to write a simple check!

When I was in grade school, we filled out our very first fake checks.  In middle school and high school classes, we used fake checks and had to practice writing our numbers out in whole words.  In case anyone wondered, it's "forty" and "ninety" not "fourty" and "ninty."  It is not acceptable to write "two-thousand" as "two-000."  And woe to the person who uses incomplete words... ugh.

You see, every day at work I get to look at checks written by computers and adults.  Sometimes the computer has an interesting way of writing things, but humans are by far the most clever.  I love it when people mix letters and numbers when spelling out the total amount.  It cracks me up when they just write the same number in the box and on the line... lazy but effective.  Every once in a great while, I'll get someone who will try to have math or creative symbols on their amount line.  As long as the math is correct (I'll check it!), the check goes through.  If the person tries to be creative but the math is incorrect, I'll call them on it.  They get to pay again next month.

My sister and I had a long discussion about the other things people much older than us have problems doing.  These seemingly simple tasks that don't take time or effort... they were definitely taught way back when, and yet adults are so "above" check writing that they do it incorrectly.  And that causes me problems.  And then I get frustrated.  And then I get to write angry blog rants about how old people can't write a silly check correctly.

Old people these days, sheesh, check please!


MissKris said...

Oh dear...I hope everything is ok with you. It's unlike you to be 'gone' so long. Take care, sweetie.

Jaggy said...

I'm here, I really am!