Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Did you know that pine trees have pine needles?

...I learned that all over again today when my eye doctor gave me new contacts. I know, I know... that is elementary stuff, but when you go through life not being able to see things quite clearly and then all of a sudden *poof* there is so much more to see, it's all very exciting.

The nice doctor was a bit worried that my contacts are so strong now that Acuvue won't have as many contacts available in my range (fewer incremental options the higher or lower you go). The contact specialist not only had the ones I needed in stock, but she can also keep me in smaller increments for several more whole steps. This is very good news.

After having my eyes dilated for the first time since I was a kid and getting the new contacts, I spent about fifteen minutes surfing the walls of frames for new glasses. My head is small. One doesn't realize just how small until trying to put glasses on me. Oy! The glasses I ended up getting aren't much bigger than kid's frames, but they look great on my face (unlike my last pair). They're made by Kliik, a company in Denmark, product number 245. I'll get them and my year's supply of contacts sometime next week.

Next, I drove back to Corvallis (tricky when I look like a fish and can't see due to the blurry crispness of my world) and visited the nice people at Comcast to get a converter box for my living room TV. They said my computer/TV is fine since the computer reads the cable signal as a digital one anyway, but we'll see. If anyone knows anything about TV tuners in computers and whether I'll need a converter box for that, let me know ASAP!

And then I stopped at Les Schwab to get my tires rotated. They told me I'll need new tires in the next few thousand miles, so there goes another $500. I swear, I'll never be able to save up enough money to get married in anything but jeans in a courthouse. Not that I'm thinking I'll be getting married soon... it's just an expression. Oh, forget it.

At least today's total damage (once I buy gas tonight) comes to just under $200 thanks to wonderful insurance. That went on my credit card as I rarely use it and like to keep it active every once in a while. I'll pay it off as soon as I get it, no worries. Tires, on the other hand... ouch.

You have no idea how nice it is to look out of my car and see bushes with leaves and color. I can see twigs on trees! I can read license plates going in the other direction. I can even pick out faces on drivers if I want. So beautiful... the world is so incredibly beautiful.

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Eric said...

it's really interesting to hear your take on having a new prescription. As you know, I got mine a couple weeks ago, and my first though was almost the opposite of your, "god this world is ugly, why do I want to see it more clearly?"

I'm probably just more of a pessimist than you.