Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Driving Myself

The Sieve came home from the repair shop tonight, so I have my car back. It didn't cost as much as it could have as my parents opted not to fix everything that needs to be fixed at this time. Dad said he'd wait until car batteries came on sale, and he said he could probably take care of a few other things on his own later, so we ended up sparing ourselves (themselves, honestly) about $1,000. I will buy the tires after pricing them and hoping for a sale as well.

I never realized how much I drive until I was unable to do so. Each night this week, I've wanted to zip over to the store and pick up one or two ingredients for my dinner. I wanted to drive home from work, run out to my car just to get change or a CD, or pop over to my boyfriend's after work. Fortunately, between him and my sister, I haven't had to take the bus or walk much...

Oh, yeah, by the way... the Corvallis Transit System has some of the saddest service I've seen for public transportation. In order for me to be to work at 8:00am, I'd have to catch a 6:45 bus and would travel more than ten miles before finally getting to work. And I'd walk almost a mile between the bus stops and home or work. Sheesh! The shortest route would have me change buses three times. The fastest route forces me to walk a mile each way. I am almost better off simply walking the three miles to work!

So I drive. I have no shame. My car is better, and I'm driving to work tomorrow. I'll drive home at night. I might even drive to the store on the way. I'll be driving myself. :)

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