Sunday, January 25, 2009

End-of-the-Weekend Blues

Two days is not enough sometimes. Friday night included dinner and some Rock Band with Rachel and Jessie at their house. Lots of loud music, some great songs, and a few hilarious moments. I noticed again that my car has a funky smell if I stop for more than a few seconds--it's leaking either oil or transmission fluid (and yes, I know the difference, but it was dark and hard to see), so I get to take my car in to the shop on Monday morning (oh joy).

Saturday wasn't as fun as I'd hoped... I got up early to help my boyfriend put eyedrops into a friend's cat (adventure!), did my taxes for the first time ever by myself, made dinner and watched a movie with my sister and The Boy, and then went dancing for the first time in ages. The taxes went well... I should get a nice return on my federal taxes, but I owe a staggering $3 on my state taxes. How will I ever manage that (note extreme sarcasm)? The dance was okay. Too many people, not enough fun dancing songs... blah. I'm pretty much over the whole Corvallis dance scene at this point.

Today was lazy. I slept in until noon (needed it after dancing and being up late), cleaned my apartment, and had a great lunch with Mr. Wonderful after I trimmed his hair for him. I am still tired, but I think I can stay awake through Mass tonight... only five hours to go.

Then I have to get up early to take my car in to the shop and spend hopefully very little money to fix it. Ugh. No fun.

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