Monday, January 12, 2009

The Hopeless Organizer

I'll admit, I'm a bit of an organization freak. I love bins, boxes, shelves, and closets. I am a nightmare when I get my hands on a label maker... oh dear! This can be good and bad as I'll explain.

The good side seems pretty obvious: organization helps me find things I need quickly. It helps me remember what I have, what I want, what goes where, and so on. I don't sort everything, just like I don't fold every piece of clothing, but I like to have a kitchen that is neat. My shelves are organized by baking or cooking, by cans or boxes, by dinner or dessert. It's not hard to keep up with the organizing once you get in the habit. Another big upside to organizing is that I rarely have clutter. My floors stay picked up, my stuff in neat rows, and my beads (hopefully) corralled into bins. Organization in my apartment has even been taken to a work of art in itself!

The downside: people think I'm nuts. They think I'm obsessive or too concerned about having things in their place. To prove them wrong, I actually have items in my apartment that have a designated "no designated space." These items roam around my apartment as they please, first lighting upon the coffee table, then hiding in my desk... My big rubber yoga ball used to be one of these roamers, but it would actually move on its own and that scared me too much so I tied it up to the back door. It doesn't move now.

I enjoy organizing. I like taking things and putting them in order or by kind. I'm not against clumps of oddities or tiny bits of chaos (I have one of those in every room). Perhaps I'm good at organizing and staying neat--some people are. It's not the end-all to my life, and yes, I could live if my life weren't as orderly. At this point, though, I think I'd call myself a hopeless organizer. You should see my bathroom!

What are your organization habits?

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cm0978 said...

I've heard of people organizing their spices alphabetically. I tried that for a while, but it didn't stay that way. The paperclips on my office desk are in separate bins depending upon their size. Why reach in and pull out a small paperclip when you really need a large one and vice versa? Our photo album (after the first couple years for the kids) are non-existent. I have photo boxes and NOTHING is in order because people have pawed through them and messed them up. I don't know that I'm as organized as you are, but I DO like things put away so I can think. If you could just organize my brain...