Tuesday, January 06, 2009


When I was younger, my sister made a point to shout, "Stop interrupting me!" each time Mom, Dad, or I happened to even sneeze while she was trying to talk. Every time we'd interrupt, she'd start her story over again to make the point that we'd be ignorant while she spoke. Sometimes her stories were so stuttered and repeated that we'd eventually burst into giggles. She'd get mad, fold her arms, and storm off down the hall to her room to pout. Though I look back with fond memories of her getting frustrated (hehe), she had a point. I'm rather tired of being on the receiving end of such interrupting lately, and I'm going to start making a point about it.

Don't get me wrong, I interrupt, too. I might interject to ask a question or clarify a point. I sometimes get so excited that the words just spill out in the middle of someone's thought (usually my sister anyway). But I recognize that I'm interrupting and apologize immediately. My sister drove it into me so long ago that I can't help but be sensitive to it now.

If you hear me repeatedly starting a story with the same words, maybe you should stop talking and listen. If I'm opening my mouth, I'm predicting that the table is clear and I can speak about whatever is on my mind. Sometimes two people will start talking at the same exact moment, and I realize that happens, so those aren't the few situations I'm worrying over. But when I end up starting, "I went to the store... I went to the store last night... I went to the store last night and bought..." then be warned that I'm displeased with the constant interrupting. If it continues to happen, I just won't share my story. You'll be left wondering what great things I had to say, but the wisdom will never be yours. And it'll be your fault.

Interrupter beware!


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha, yep. i remember those (sometimes amusing) times...

though i find it slightly ironic that it has become one of my worst habits. but now that i am older... i tend to forget what i'm gonna say, so i just gotta blurt it out so i won't forget. :( too bad it's always in the middle of someone else's story.

MissKris said...

I don't know which I hate worse, people who constantly interrupt - or people who have to dominate a conversation is just as bad - OR people who, as you're talking, constantly look past your shoulder like there's something more interesting going on somewhere else. I have ALWAYS made it a point to listen politely. My Dear Hubby is the same way. And we've tried to instill the quality in our kids, too. Good listeners are almost extinct any more.