Monday, January 19, 2009

Parent-Parent Conferences

Last night was momentous: Mr. Wonderful's parents met my parents for the first time. We all had dinner together at the Olive Garden in Salem. Good food, good conversation, and only one or two awkward silences. I couldn't have asked for more. Well, sure, I guess riotous laughter and an insistence on hanging out late into the night might have been more, but that's not really any of our styles. It was great, and I'm glad everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I did mention later that it felt like we went to parent-teacher conferences, and our parents shared how proud they were of us. Not that I minded, but it was still a little weird for me. Maybe I'm just crazy or something. Yeah, maybe that's it.


After quite an adventure, my boyfriend was able to get another video game and some neat equipment for the game this weekend. I think we both had a hard time focusing on what we needed to accomplish (*cough* laundry), but it was fun watching him open the box like a kid on Christmas morning. The smiles, the excitement... :)

I made stew and cookies this weekend. They both turned out well, though I wasn't exactly inventing anything. I have made the cookies several times. The Boy didn't like my stew, but he makes up for it by helping me eat the cookies and drinking the leftover wine from my stew.

I also spent some time with my sister and helped her dye her hair a beautiful shade of dark brown. As she lets her hair grow out a bit, her natural curls frame her face so well. I don't know how she got such amazing curls, but I certainly missed the boat on that one. Mom didn't know about the hair-dying beforehand, but I think she liked it afterward. At least I don't have to go home to Mom and show off my new 'do... it's safer to just not change my hair color in the first place. Not that I would: my hair color is perfect for me right now.

And then there was the church and all the thinking I did this weekend about that. You'll have to go to the other blog to read about it, though, as I'm still not willing to force my loyal readers here into religious topics. I'd love for you to follow me over there, but I respect you just the same for not wanting to listen. While you change channels, I'll go get some cookies and wait.


Anonymous said...

ha ha. thanks. so you're saying you like my poop-colored hair?

Jaggy said...

Yeah, but I still think it's poop-colored. :P