Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Sieve

I think I'd save more money if I just gave it away to people on the street...

My car is fourteen years old, and it's been through a lifetime of duty as a commuter car, a vacation home, a weekend joyride, a packmule, a geocaching SUV, and a wonderful sedan for those other ordinary days. It has about 180,000 miles on it, but you'd never know by looking. The interior is almost as perfect as the day my parents bought it when I was in fifth grade. They traded in their Ford Aerostar van, the vehicle my sister and I honed our childhood fighting skill in, for the Little Car that Can. It was the first car I drove, the first car I called "mine," and the only car I've ever been attached to (except the old van, of course). But I didn't name it... names are for people and pets, not cars.

Today, I took my Little Car into the shop. I'd noticed a funky burning smell a few times, and rather than wait and hope it gets better, I opted to get things fixed early. After nervously waiting four hours for the estimate, I finally called. The total to fix my car and do the 180,000-mile tune-up would be over $2,200. The Little Car that Can became The Sieve in one fell swoop. Ouch.

My parents are going to discuss the repairs with the service shop, and hopefully they'll figure out a way to get the important things taken care of and wait a while on the less important things. Still, it's going to be a huge chunk of change. And I already knew I needed new tires...

I think I'm going to be one of those poor people on the street soon!

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