Friday, January 30, 2009

TGIF and the weekend!

The new glasses are working so well!  But my car still smells funky and is still dripping oil and other fluids where it was not fixed... this has been one up and down week for me.  I must admit that I'm terribly glad the week is over and gone.  Next week will be better.  I hope.

What else made the week so long?  I didn't have much to do at work, and it takes a lot out of a person to try to look busy for eight hours each day.  I'm better at it at this end of the season than I was two or three months ago... but still, the days are long when things get so slow.  It's not a recessional slow-down--no worries there--this is simply a slow time of the year in agriculture.  Nothing is growing yet, and we have about another month before we can really get busy again.  Ugh.

I got my personal paperwork (bills, bank statements, credit card statements, etc.) all sorted and organized from the previous two years, so now I feel like I have my finances in a slightly better order.  My budget is still going strong, although I'm not always very good at sticking to it.  Unexpected hits to the wallet don't help things, but I feel like I'll be able to manage as long as nothing else happens.  *knock on wood, metal, vinyl, and chapstick*  You really don't realize just how much cash outflow you have until you sort all the bills you've paid over time.  Paying bills takes money!

Don't say "duh."  I'm still learning to be one of those super-cool adult people that actually understands the value of a dollar.

But no, I didn't really knock on chapstick.

I just thought it was funny.  Anyway, happy Friday, and have a great weekend!

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