Saturday, January 03, 2009

Trash TV and a Car Wash

My evening of solitude and peace last night included cracking a new book, watching Wife Swap, and blogging.  Not a bad way to spend quality alone time!  I went to bed late, got up early, and had a fantastic breakfast of... Eggo waffles.  Okay, so that part wasn't exciting, but they're my standby favorite.  Only because it's bad to eat maple bars every single morning.  Bah.

Today was pretty busy.  I drove to Albany and spent some time with my parents and sister.  We washed a few cars, went out to lunch, and I was able to see my parents property where they are building a new house.  This is their first custom-built home, and they're super excited to finally be building.  Not sure how Dad feels about having someone else do the work: he's so exacting and wonderful at woodwork, but framing a house doesn't need to be perfect down to the 1/16th inch.  It'll be exciting to see them in the house in a few months!

The Boy is offering me chocolate.  I think this post is done now. :)

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