Saturday, January 10, 2009

Youngs River Falls

Taken near Astoria approximately two years ago when I went to meet TH. Even though it wasn't even summer yet, we managed to get a sunny day and enjoyed our time on the rocks below the falls.

Anybody know what happened to TH? Never leaves me comments, never says hello... he doesn't even comment on Mr. Guy's blog anymore! 's okay, I guess... I won't take it personally. :)


Amanda said...


The Guy Who Writes This said...

I haven't seen him for close to a year now. He's in love and you know what that does to people. He does make an appearance on his blog every once in a while, but that too is mostly written by others.

Casey Knopik said...

That is very pretty. Was the water deep enough to go swimming?

Casey Knopik
Just South of North

Jaggy said...

Thanks, Amanda!

Yes, Mr. Guy, I know how it is to be in love (so thankful for it, too!). I'll give TH a buzz and see if he's still alive sometime...

Casey: we didn't go swimming. I suppose one could have, but it wasn't as big as it looks. Water in Oregon is usually very cold, much too cold for swimming unless it's a shallow, slow stream in the dead of August maybe in Eastern Oregon. At least where I grew up (central valley), the water is COLD all year. Astoria, too, I imagine. Swimming isn't really my thing either.