Monday, February 16, 2009

...and I'm back! with a conundrum

My weekend away from the blog was nice. I was able to spend a bunch of time with The Boy, and we did some shopping, eating, and relaxing. On Sunday, my sister accompanied me as I tried on a few wedding dresses. Knowing that everyone wants to know the results of that particular type of shopping trip, I will say that I found a few shapes I like, and we ruled out a few others. I have not made any purchases yet.

I'm having a hard time sharing wedding details. Everyone wants to know every detail just as we decide things. They want to know the date, the colors, the location, and the flowers. People want to know so they can provide feedback. They want to know so they can be one of the "in-the-know crowd." They want to know if they're invited already, and we're not even done with the guest list. I am both glad that people want to share in our celebration and frustrated that they want to share so much in it. At this point, unless you're directly involved in the earliest planning stages (meaning the groom, the bride, or our parents), we are not giving out details. Please don't take it personally. We haven't even informed all of our attendants yet that we'd like them to share in our day... telling you what our colors are isn't exactly a priority.

Both Mr. Wonderful and I are excited that so many people want to help and be involved! The problem is that too many people are trying to be involved. We're overwhelmed. Laying low and keeping things simple right now (especially with our busy schedules) is the easiest thing we can do and not offend people. Like I said, it's nothing personal. Perhaps inquiring about details in, oh, eight months when you receive your invitation, might be better. Thanks to everyone for understanding.

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cm0978 said...

Have you decided on the color of your undergarments yet ;)