Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cycles don't have an ending

Once upon a time, there was a woman. She was female. She had boobs and got her period every month. She was also an idiot. She claimed that she "started her cycle" one day, and that's the day I smacked her upside the head.

Cycles don't have a beginning or end: they're called cycles for a reason! They go on and on forever, around and around the same loop.

For the record: a woman's "monthly cycle" is a cycle that actually spans the entire month, not just the one week where she's having her period. A cycle involves many more steps than simply menstruation. I could go into details, but Wikipedia does a great job already. You can search on your own for more information about what really happens in 28 days inside a woman's body.

I started my cycle over ten years ago... and guess what? Still on the same cycle. It keeps going around and around every month. I will start my period within the next few weeks (ha, nonspecific), but I won't start my cycle again... ever. Until menopause, I'm stuck on this cycle. Sure, I can chemically alter it, and I can interrupt it by becoming pregnant, but a woman's cycle is hers for life.

And, by the way, I was serious about the smacking women upside the head bit. Don't test me!

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MissKris said...

My 'cycle' started the nite before my 12th birthday. It ended last year in April and I have never ever EVER been so glad to see the end of it all! 42 1/2 years is plenty long enough.