Sunday, February 08, 2009

Firm as Jell-o

Mr. Wonderful and I had a great weekend. We were able to get out and visit lots of family and show off our (my?) engagement ring. We have contacted a church and will hopefully have our officiant lined up this week. After noon, we grabbed my sister and went crazy in Target with a scanner adding things to our registry. And we've finally narrowed down our color choices.

All these things might seem premature considering we don't even have a firm date yet, but due to The Boy's busy schedule in graduate school and my job during the day, we don't get much time to plan and talk together. Getting big decisions made without pressure from other people can be difficult, so we definitely took this weekend's opportunities.

Oh, and in case anyone was wondering, the whole registry thing is not nearly as much fun as people make it out to be. Registering for gifts is a time-consuming, decision-making, what-are-we-forgetting headache. We aren't even close to being done and already we're tired of looking at things. At least most of the rest of our lists can probably be done online... phew! Those scanners get heavy after a while.

I am not sharing any of the details, dates, or other information at this time. Please know that we're beginning to feel the burden of compromise, celebrating each successful decision, and rejoicing in our love every second we can. That's pretty much all we have time for!

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