Saturday, February 21, 2009

I almost went Bridezilla on her...

I went wedding dress shopping today with my sister and future mother-in-law. Overall, the day was fun and enjoyable, and I liked several dresses. As of this second, I haven't picked one out yet, though, so if you're only reading for that, you can stop now. However, if you'd like to read about why today was truly an adventure, keep reading!

I won't name names or locations in order to protect the privacy (and safety) of the woman who helped me at a bridal dress store today, so we'll just call her "Ms. Pushy." I should also mention that I've shopped for dresses prior to today and have a very good idea of what shapes and styles look good on me and those that don't flatter me so much. I know my size, my color, and my overall idea. That doesn't make me narrowminded: it makes me informed.

The first thing I had to do upon arriving to my appointment was look through a big catalog and pick out dresses I liked. Even as I was picking out dresses with my sister's help, Ms. Pushy was coaching me on certain styles she wanted me to try on. We found eight or ten dresses to start with, and then moved on to picking out the actual dresses. I chose a few, my sister picked out a couple, and the saleswoman chose several (more or less ignoring what I'd said I wanted).

We proceeded to the fitting rooms where Ms. Pushy immediately forced me into a strapless bra and poofy slip. Anyone who has read my blog before knows that I have a horrible time finding bras since my ribcage is so small and my bustline is normal-sized (I'm not huge by any means, but the small ribcage makes things hard to fit). I put on the bra thingy and had my sister zip me in. Guess what? It didn't fit. No surprise there. The slip thingy was waaaaay too tight as well. Ms. Pushy though they were "perfect" and wouldn't give me a different size, though.

The dresses, one after another, were not working for me. Ms. Pushy didn't understand that a flat neckline on a strapless dress looks goofy on me. She wouldn't take no for an answer, though, and I tried on several of her suggestions. At one point, she even went so far as to ask me where I worked, trying to prove that she's the boss since she works in the dress industry and I'm a know-nothing with whatever it is I do. Ignoring her insults, I kept trying on dresses. She put me in a hideous ivory number that made me literally the same color from my forehead to my ankles even with skin showing. It was AWFUL. After a few more dresses, I'd had enough. We ran out of time (thankfully) and didn't find anything that struck me off my feet. Ms. Pushy didn't help the experience whatsoever. I will NOT be returning to that store. In case you were wondering, insulting my intelligence isn't a way to make a sale.

After lunch and some driving, we stopped in Salem to look at a few dresses. That particular shop didn't have any available appointments, so we were given a little dressing room off to a side and weren't pressured or suggested much in any way--a relief and huge blessing after the Ms. Pushy experience. We found a couple dresses that were stunning, but still, no purchasing. I'm going to see if I can get those online a bit cheaper than in the store, too.

So much thanks to my sister and The Boy's mom for their patience, help, and advice today. I am glad you were both there with me. Thanks for lunch, too!

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cm0978 said...

The Boy's dad still wonders why you didn't stop at the Western Wear store. He likes the fringed shirts the best. He is saving up to buy several bales of hay for decorations. I will make sure we pick out a suitable suit for him to wear. Coveralls will NOT be an option. :)