Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I'm a blogging idiot

I couldn't figure out why Ignoregon and PorBlogs stopped pinging my blog and adding it to their feeds. My readership hasn't been hit by lack of either site (and has, in fact, gone up considerably in the last two weeks for some unknown reason), but I was bothered by not being on the sites.

Like all great ideas, this one came to me in the shower: I shut down my RSS feeds. The other sites couldn't read mine because I wouldn't let them. I did something stupid, and my blog is sort of paying the price. Mr. Guy noticed I shut the feed off since he reads my blog through a reader, but otherwise I noticed no difference.

Bottom line: the RSS feed is back up! It's going to take a while to start pinging again, but hopefully Ignoregon and PorBlogs will get back in the groove and I'll see more local folks hanging around.

(And no, Grandma, you don't have to worry about understanding any of what I just said. None of it pertains to you since you visit my blog directly every day.)


Michael Faris said...

I was wondering why your blog wasn't showing up in Bloglines for me and then all the sudden I got a week or two worth of posts at once. Thanks for returning to RSS land!

Kyle said...

Looks like that was the problem. IgnOregon uses feeds to detect updates.

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