Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm ready for some positive news!

I know the nation's economy is having trouble. I'm not immune to suffering or having to tighten my belt or worry about whether I might lose my job. My life isn't bad, though, and I'm truly living the best life I can under even tighter circumstances than I was six months ago. No complaints right now... I've been very lucky.

Lately, I've given up watching the news. I am not a habitual news-watcher anyway, just tuning in for bad weather or big headlines every once in a while. The last few weeks have been nothing but doom and gloom though. Every story is about layoffs, rollbacks, and recalls. I don't even hear about firemen saving cats in trees anymore. No good Samaritan stories, no Boy Scout troops having fun campouts, not even a short headline about a great basketball game.

I have formed an idea that perhaps our news sources are the culprits behind a declining economy. As soon as things start to look bad, BAM! "20 things you can do to keep your job" and "5 ways to save money eating out." The problem with our economy (outside the whole banking disaster, people who can't manage their credit, and a real estate blowout) is that people aren't spending money the way the used to. Instead of suggesting citizens spend money, though, news stations add to the fear and cause people to act irrationally.

Maybe if we had some good news, people would trust in their fellow man a little more and be willing to go just a little bit farther to help someone out. I'm not talking about bailouts or handouts or spending life savings. I don't want news stations to lie. I just get tired of DOOM DOOM DOOM all the time, and I think a little good news right now would do a world of good. Literally!

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