Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Love Your Neighbor...

... as yourself. But what if my neighbor is being a complete pain-in-the-neck? I guess the answer to that is a question: what would you do to yourself if you were getting on your own nerves?

Changes things, doesn't it? I get on my own nerves sometimes. I worry too much, harass myself over little things, admonish myself for every mistake, find overwhelming joy in the most incredibly stupid thoughts, and constantly beat myself up. I'm going to go out on a limb when figuring you probably experience some of those same things.

Now what if you really treated your neighbor like you treat yourself. Would you worry about them, harass them over little things, admonish them over every mistake, and beat them up? Worry, sure, and occasionally harass, perhaps... but really? If my neighbors treated me like I'm guessing they treat themselves, I'd get frustrated quickly. I will never live up to the standards they set for themselves, and I hope they're not setting standards for me.

What about that pain-in-the-neck neighbor? Treat them as you'd treat yourself. Admonish them for every mistake. Harass them over little things. Make sure you're very clear that they've gotten on your nerves. Take them drinking or running or out to a movie... do whatever you'd do to yourself when you get on your own nerves.

I think I missed something in the translation...

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