Thursday, February 05, 2009

The mandating has begun...

Mr. Wonderful and I, as we move from friendship to engagement to (hopefully!) married, have seen traits and habits in each other that we each think need to change. We're not trying to change the other person, not trying to make them be someone they're not. We just have a few tiny things that we'd like to alter slightly:

I have mandated that (barring natural disaster) he is not to use my toothbrush for any reason. He is not to touch the wrong end to his lips even. I will not share my toothbrush. Sonicare toothbrush heads are expensive to replace anyway! And I don't think this demand is too crazy either.

He suggested that if we are marrying, my first task will be to put the toilet lid down. As a girl, I leave the seat down and the lid up. Since I live alone, there's no reason to ever move either one. I suppose I'll learn eventually... I'll have to. It's not a huge deal, and I can learn. Maybe it'll help me not drop stuff in the toilet (which has never happened yet). And I'm told it's more hygienic.

As long as he stays away from my toothbrush, I'll put the toilet lid down.

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Mom of Three said...

Well, if just doing it to make him happy doesn't do it for you, consider this: when one flushes the toilet, many of the germs inside become airborne and attach themselves...wait for your toothbrush. So really, if you're picky about your toothbrush, closing all toilet lids is the first thing you'd want to do!