Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moisturizing and Marinating

He's constantly picking on me about my hands; not in an annoyingly bad way, but in a loving and reminding way. The Boy has smooth, soft, slightly callused hands that fit so neatly into mine. I, on the other hand (sorry), have sandpaper skin and cracked, peeling, sore knuckles. My hands look alligator-y most of the time. I do have a good reason, though...

I can't stand lotion!

I absolutely can't stand putting anything on my hands that makes them feel greasy, slimy, or wet for longer than five seconds. I don't like smelly crap on me either. For a long time, I simply went without any lotions, but I finally caved and bought some really nice dry Olay facial lotion and Eucerin calming lotion for my hands. Eucerin has almost no smell, and it dries pretty fast.

My secret weapon is Aquaphor by Eucerin. Its horrifically greasy (seriously, you could lubricate an engine with that stuff), but it only takes one treatment to do the job. But because Aquaphor literally slimes everything, once you put it on, you're done for the night. I use a Q-tip to apply very small amounts between my knuckles when things get too cracked for me. Still, it's annoying to stick to my pillow or sheets due to the lotion. I have tried gloves--not good.

People have suggested Aveeno products, but I break out when I use them. Jergens and Lubriderm products seem overly fragrenced and are too thick for me. If the Eucerin fails this time, I might try some Neutrogena stuff... Some people say that the natural lotions are the best, but I keep finding that they're just as greasy. I also don't have a fortune to spend on lotion, so if you have suggestions, please bear that in mind.

Time to go marinate in lotion... Mr. Wonderful better appreciate this.

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