Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Dentist, New Cavity, New Outlook

He's much nicer and waaaaaay younger than my last dentist. He's also up on the newest technology trends in dentistry and practices preventative dentistry instead of "don't fix it 'til it's completely broken" dentistry.

The good news: I have actually seen full-color images of every surface of my teeth. My gums are pink-pink-pink (healthy)! The few fillings I have are in excellent condition. My overall oral health could be considered good to excellent.

The bad news: one cavity needs to be filled soon. Three depressions will become cavities if left on their own, but it won't kill me to wait a few months or even a year to get them fixed as long as I continue to brush and floss regularly. And one tooth ought to have a crown (but no root canal) simply because it has two fillings in it and that's not so good.

But the best news: the new dentist explains things! He didn't talk down to me, treat me like I was stupid or a child, or try to sugar-coat things. He didn't try to hide anything or dodge any questions. I felt like he cared about my opinion concerning my oral health. YAAAAY!

Boo to having a cavity though.

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