Thursday, February 26, 2009

Speculating Overload

I know I've been ranty lately, and today's post is along that theme. Just happens that I have good rants rattling around in my head. I also have mushy posts stacking up, but nobody really enjoys reading all the gushy, smushy, sappy, romantic stuff I have to say.

Constant speculating wears me out. I work for a union, for the government, and for a major university. The governor is calling for serious cutbacks right now, and my union is obviously balking. I should mention that I'm not exactly fond of the union in the first place, but that's another story.

Every day, my coworkers try to find the most recent information about potential furloughs, pay cuts, missing vacation days, etc. in the hopes of easing their minds or something. I fail to see how speculating about what other people are thinking would make someone feel better. I'm of the opinion that if we want to make a difference with our voices and votes, we need to join the union and vote. If we're unwilling to be a voting part of the union, then we're just along for the ride. Speculating won't change anything. Worrying won't make anything better. Griping, gossiping, and overthinking doesn't help either.

I'm overloaded by speculation. I'm tired of people asking me what I think about the union's decision to fight the governor, what I think about his proposed plan to cut costs (bullshit), or what I'll do if something happens to my job. I don't know why, but people feel the need to worry me about these things, and I've had it. What am I doing, then, to not speculate or worry? I'm living my life. I'm growing in love to a wonderful man (did you think I forgot the mushy bit), planning our wedding, enjoying meals and squishy new socks... what else can I do?

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Strayer said...

I like reading your blog. Times are tough out there, but some things are the same, like love, friendship, enjoying a good movie, warm coffee, curling up with a book or a cat. Some things are the same and always will be no matter how tough the times are.