Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things That I Can't Say

These things are little pieces of conversations to specific, different people, but I'm not naming names. Some sentiments are nice and some are not so nice, but these ten things are on my mind today and just about every day.

-I miss you. I don't know why: you never returned a phone call or wrote me back. You refused to look at me for so long, and once you did, once you saw me and accepted me, you left. That moment seems like eons ago. I hope you know that I've never given up on you...

-Sometimes you smell so bad that I have to gag into my elbow when you walk by.

-I wish you'd treat me like I'm me and not an extension of you all the time. Who I am inside your head and who I am out here are two different people.

-I want you to finally say that you're proud of me.

-When I hear you talk to yourself, I wonder if anyone (including you) is listening.

-Every time you leave, I pray that you forgot something just so you'll come back right away.

-Your complete lack of basic hygiene disgusts me. I stand away from you so that I won't be contaminated by your Pig-Pen-like swirling filth cloud.

-When I waltz, I remember your smile and easy laugh. I always dance a step for you.

-I know you're intimidated by me, and I think it's funny.

-Every time we argue, I have the urge to squish play-doh in your face just to punctuate my point (obviously that I'm immature, but wouldn't it be hilarious?).

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