Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The "Awesome Cake" Authority

I recently had my first 500+ visitor day. I have been hovering between 300 and 400 unique visitors each day for about a year, but lately I’ve seen a couple 400+ days. That means 500 different people (computers, IP addresses) visited this page in one day. WOW. That’s more than StatCounter will handle!

My average returning visitor count seems to be in the upper 20s each day. Looks like I have about 30 people out there who come back and read what tiny thought bubbles I can pop out before dinner every night. That’s not bad considering I thought I’d only be writing for myself when I started this bloggy.

Keywords haven’t changed much: “random question/s,” “duct tape corset,” and “why does my smoke detector go off randomly” are among the top five. “Most awesome cakes” is one of my favorite keywords. I never thought I’d be the authority on awesome cakes, but I guess I am…

People visit here from Malaysia, Jamaica, Slovenia, Ireland, Germany, Australia, and even nearby Canada. I have hits from just about every state in my log of the 500 most recent visits, so I'm really out there. That's both thrilling and terrifying.

Especially since I'm not exactly the world's best cake-maker.

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The Guy Who Writes This said...

Sorry, Darlin, but if you want to see your true readership stop using tags. Tags just lure in the unsuspecting, then disappoint them.